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What is Cerio?

Many of our customers ask“What is Cerio?”What does our brand represent?
Cerio Corporation was established in 2009 by a group of professionals in Taiwan who were resolved to pioneer the future of wireless networking. We make our own brand products and combine unsurpassed experience in embedded systems with unparalleled expertise in Linux to offer CenOS software solutions for world-wide embedded systems.

With a complete wireless solution, the product design and installation of a variety of hanging products with multiple changes with a variety of environments to choose the most suitable wireless transceiver equipment, easy to let your architecture efficient wireless environment.

CWMS is a software that operates under a Windows system, which is designed to specifically control the control of wireless base stations and to enhance the efficiency of managing wireless network infrastructure.

The CERIO Safety Management Gateway, in addition to being a powerful and highly efficient Gigabit Ethernet switch, can be centrally located and managed, and non-IT professionals can easily build, monitor and control.

CERIO CenOS firmware model can support remote management capabilities, can simplify the construction of the deployment and reduce the cost of follow-up maintenance, Cerio CenOS is undoubtedly the best choice for your wireless applications.